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Welcome to the Bunny Huggers South Africa:

This group was founded by Nicci Posthumous with the aim of educating the public about proper care of pet rabbits & to discuss any other bun related topics, share information, post helpful documents and contacts and share pictures to brag a little. Our group is for all bunny lovers but does not endorse or support anything related to the meat rabbit industry or breeding or selling of rabbits for commercial profit or gain.

Popular & important topics for discussion include:

Diet: Importance of Hay, Foods to Avoid / Health / Grooming, Nails & Dental / Bonding / Vets & Medicine / Toys / Bedding / Adoption & Fostering – Rescues / Welfare / Rabbit hutches & other items for sale / etc.

We also have a smaller whatsapp group – if you’d like to join please contact one of our admins.

Some of our biggest accomplishments include the rescue and rehome of Hope (a bunny with head tilt found in a Joburg pet shop and flown to Cape Town with the help of our members); and Finn’s Fund, when a whopping R8170 was raised by our members to pay for an operation to fix Finn’s broken leg.


We have a bank account that from time to time is used (at the sole discretion of our admin team) to raise funds and contribute to causes that our members would like to make donations towards. We post bank statements after each donation drive and our account is fully transparent for anyone who would like to know what funds are used for. If you would like to set up a small monthly donation towards the costs of running our account and for future charitable endeavors, we would appreciate that very much. You will be fully informed as to what your contribution is used for.

Banking Details:

Contact Details:

For lost/ found bunnies, bunnies that need homes and bunny adoptions –

For general bunny advice –

For all other queries –