It’s natural for prey animals to hide illness or pain so by the time you realize your bunny is sick,
A healthy adult bunny’s diet should consist of unlimited hay and grass, also safe veggies/greens, non-muesli pellets and occasional fruit/treats. 
WHY SHOULD I NEUTER/SPAY MY BUNNY? It prevents reproduction. It prevents destructive, aggressive and dominant behaviour (makes for easier bonding).
Domestic bunnies are possibly the most misunderstood pets available. Because of this, one of the chief aims of Bunny Huggers
We highly recommend that at you take your bunny to a bunny-savvy vet at the sign of ANY pain or
Food Fresh hay Bunnies should have unlimited access to fresh grass-based hay: Oat hay (most common), teff aka eragrostis, mountain
If you have a long haired bun you will need to give serious thought to grooming.  Long haired buns can
Ever wonder if your bunny's flipping you off? Here is a brilliant video that I stumbled across. It explains every
PLEASE NOTE: Although we do our best to only recommend bunny-savvy services, we advise each bunny owner personally visit the