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Bunny info to print & share

Bunny info to print & share

Domestic rabbits are possibly the most misunderstood pets available. Because of this, one of the chief aims of Bunny Huggers South Africa is to spread the word about proper rabbit care.

Constantly developing over the past few years, the Bunny 101 document now exists in various formats. Please feel free to download, print, post and share these resources far and wide. Keep returning to this page every now and then to download the newest versions:

The Bunny 101 is a 14-page guide to rabbit care in South Africa. It’s broken up into easy-to-read sections that are conveniently indexed so you can find the info you need, when you need it. We recommend this as an informative read for all bunny owners, new and experienced.
Download the Bunny 101 here (PDF)

The BHSA Pamphlet is especially helpful for introducing potential owners, pet shops and breeders to the joys and responsibilities of owning a bunny. This is because it is a 2-page, condensed version of the Bunny 101 document.
Since Bunny Hugger South Africa originated in the Western Cape, the current version contains contact details relevant to the Cape. We will soon be creating pamphlets especially for Bunny Huggers in Gauteng and KZN. Please print this pamphlet at 100% scale and fold it in a Z-shape.
Download the BHSA pamphlet here (PDF)

This website also borrows some of its posts from the Bunny 101, so if you only want to share a certain aspect of the Bunny 101 with someone online, these webpages may be the perfect way to do just that.

Photo: Shannon Litt/Unsplash

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