Grooming – Pet Parlour or DIY?

Grooming – Pet Parlour or DIY?

If you have a long haired bun you will need to give serious thought to grooming.  Long haired buns can quickly become matted without proper care.  Your options are either to find a rabbit savvy pet parlor or learn to do it yourself.  Short haired buns really only need grooming when they are molting.  If your buns are indoor buns they may also need their nails trimmed from time to time.

Buns should NEVER be submerged in water.  They do not have the ability to cough so water in their lungs can quickly lead to infection and death.  They also struggle to regulate body temperature and can take a long time to dry.  They are not able to shake off like a dog.

Some believe that Jersey Wooley bunnies should not be shaved, that their fur is different to other rabbit hair and actually helps them to keep cool.

You will notice during molting that your bun’s coat will appear motley, may change color or have loose tufts or small bald spots.  This is completely normal.  Brushing will help the new coat come through.

Bunny-savvy Groomers


Jeni’s Pet Parlour

021 685 2982
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Happy Tails

Joostenberg Vlakte
076 742 5130 (Louise)
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Southern Suburbs (will come to you)
083 786 7021


Somerset West
082 411 9526

All Pawz

064 905 0823 (Suzanna)


Bunville Bunny Rescue

061 974 0592 (Samantha)
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or alternatively…

Do it yourself

How to cut your rabbit’s nails: Watch video

How to groom your angora: Watch video

Please note that it is potentially stressful and harmful to turn your bunny on his back.
We strongly recommend that you DON’T do this, even if the ‘bunny experts’ on YouTube tell you to.

Photo: Chan Swan / Unsplash