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Bun Sitters

Bun Sitters


If you are going on holidays, plan ahead for your furry friends.  Some places allow you to take bunnies with you.  If you take this option, be aware that long car trips and strange places can be stressful for some bunnies.

Bunny-savvy house sitters allow your buns to stay in their familiar environment and routine however they can be hard to find.

So the final option is a bunny hotel.  Although we do our best to only recommend knowledgeable bun accommodation, we have not personally visited and vetted their premises/services. The following institutions were recommended on the group by members, but we still advise each bun owner to personally visit the institution and decide for themselves whether they are satisfied with the living space, care givers and services offered before booking their rabbit for a stay.

Make sure to plan ahead, particularly in peak season!  Do not leave your bun alone with a bowl of food and water, even for one night.  Buns can get sick very quickly and only an experience bun person will know the signs of a bun in distress.


Pet Buddies (Claira Hills) – 072 740 7352 / 021 782 9299, Fishhoek

Happy Tails (Louise Basson) – 076 742 5130, Joostenberg Vlakte

Happy Pet and Housesitter (Arlene) – 073 641 0813, Lakeside

Jolandie Hagan – 073 067 2212, Bothasig

Lexi Minutelli – 082 739 2859, Kenilworth

Ashley Coetzee –  084 244 7073, Parklands


– Viam’s Bunny Hotel – 081 537 1093, Sophia Street, Fairland, Randburg



– Bunville Rabbit Rescue (Samantha Lee) – 061 974 0592, Hillcrest, Westville, Durban

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Alternatively post to our group and find out if any of the members can possibly bun-sit for you.

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