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Recommended Websites

Recommended Websites


House Rabbit Society The largest international rabbit organisation with tonnes of information for rabbit owners, and resources for rabbit rescues. HRS publishes a great guide called The House Rabbit Handbook, and HRS members receive the biannual House Rabbit Journal.

My House Rabbit Educational website with great articles on rabbit care, health and behaviour

Rabbit Awareness Week Wonderful bite-sized articles on a variety of rabbit topics

Howcast Rabbit Videos Over 40 educational videos with celebrity rabbit advocate Amy Sedaris and rabbit expert Mary E. Cotter

BinkyBunny Forum community where you can connect with other rabbit owners and post questions

RWAF The UK’s largest organisation for rabbit lovers with advice for bunny owners and articles on diet, health, and housing. RWAF members receive a quarterly magazine called Rabbiting On.


Njom-Njoms Food, treats and toys for small furry creatures

Pet Habitat South Africa Find local stores that carry rabbit brands like Burgess and Carefresh

24 carrot lane Gorgeous rabbit-safe cardboard castles (currently on hiatus)

Happy Bunny Club A monthly subscription box full of rabbit toys and treats

The Rabbit House DIY homes and toys (see blog for toys)

Cute Bunny Sites

Brooklyn Bunny Webcam videos of little Hotot rabbit named Roebling

The Daily Bunny Daily pictures of buns from all around the world

Bunstagram There is a lively bunny community on Instagram. Most of these bunnies are rescues and many have special needs. Bunnies to follow: hugothebun, theadventuresofbugsy, ramonthebunny, lennonthebunny, loafy_mrbigglesworth, and nofeet_thebunny.

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